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Pool Party

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Five muscular studs get together for a pool party that leads to an inevitable fun-in-the-sun orgy. Philip Aubrey, Jessie Colter and versatile Hans Berlin give up their asses to Adam Killian And Trenton Ducati.

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Adam Killian and Marc Dylan

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Sloppy Seaman

Seaman Marc Dylan isn’t use to all the rules and regulations in the Navy and unfortunately forgets to cleanup his lunch tray leaving it right in-front of Lieutenant Adam Killian – big mistake. Lt. Killian wastes little time in letting Marc know his mistake and mashes the lunch leftovers all over Marc’s white shirt before ordering him to report to Adam’s quarters. Marc reports to the Lieutenant and is immediately ordered to suck the LT’s dick for having a dirty shirt!

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Meet More Men

Doing Charity at Men

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The charitable porn concept came about this December. I was in the airport traveling to a shoot about 2 weeks before Christmas and my sister sent me a text asking if I remembered to make my donation to toys for tots. It’s something that we both feel is very important and donate to each year. I had such a busy month I had forgotten all about it, so I told her send a check in for me and I would give it back to her when I came home for Christmas. I’m sitting in the airport thinking I cant believe i forgot about that so I sent out a tweet that I would if any company would like to use me for a scene while I was in San Francisco I would do it for free if they would make a donation to Toys for Tots. Being so close to Christmas and short notice no one took me up on the offer. The more I thought about it , the more I thought it was a really cool concept and could be done anytime throughout the year. Charitable giving is something that is important to me in my personal life , so why not incorporate it into my porn life also. Since porn gives me somewhat of a public forum maybe it will motivate someone else to do the same. I’ve been lucky to have done pretty well for myself and have the things I need and want, in addition to having an awesome hobby (porn) which I totally have a blast doing and it pays well so I decided why not do some scenes from time to time and have them benefit someone else. When I mentioned this to Laura from Men.Com, she immediately was interested and said she would participate . So on Feb 20th I’m filmed the scene for free and Laura made a donation to the American Cancer Society which is very near to my heart since my Mother and Grandmother both passed from cancer. I have so much fun traveling, meeting all these cool people and having the time of my life, now in addition it will help someone else and couldn’t be happier to do it. I’m also extremely proud of Naughty Laura from and Howard Andrew from Fabscout Entertainmnet for making their own donations in addition to mine.

Up top of my post here you will see my sexy scene partner. It’s none other than the drop-dead-gorgeous, Adam Killian

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